1) How does our website work?
Our website mainly works as bridge between people looking for friends and followers. The coins are provided to people which acts as rewards. When you follow or give facebook likes, or watch someones video or visit their website they give you coins, and vice versa when they follow, like, view you. It is up to you that how many coins you want to provide for each like or follow etc. We act as the agents and introduce you to various people. It is you who choose your friends for long run. You can find many people on site as our site focuses on community development!
2) What is meant by a coin?
Coins are used to grow your social network. They work as reward which you offer people to check out your page and profile. And even you earn coins in a similar manner. This helps to develop a strong community.
3) How I can earn coins?
You will earn coins for every exchange you make, to our users. For an example if you like a members page you could earn 5 coins or whatever the member has set there cpc to.
4) Can I buy coins?
Yes, you can buy coins. Click on "Buy coins" on header, for pricing. Coins are added automatically after payment.
5) How do I use my coins?
Your coins are automatically deducted from your account every time a member likes your page, watches your video, surfs your site, follows you... As long as you have a url set to active. if you set your url to disabled it will not use your coins.
6) What is CPC?
CPC = Coins Per Click. If you have your Coins Per Click set higher than everybody else then you will show up first and get your fans, followers or subscribers faster than everyone else.
7) How can I get clicks faster?
You can get clicks faster by putting your CPC up higher and you will show up before all other users. You can put your CPC up to 10 if you purchase VIP and you will be the first person showing up on each page.
8) How many accounts can I make?
You are allowed to use just one account. If you create more than 1 account, we will ban all of your accounts!
9) Are there any bonuses?
Yes there is, you will gain extra coins for every new member you refer to join out site, your referral codes can be found by clicking on the link 'Affiliates' at the top right of the page, along with how many people you have referred too.
We will soon be hosting referral contests too where members can earn MORE!
So please make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter to find out when this happens!
10) What content is allowed?
NSFW or Not Safe For Work content is strictly forbidden on this website, any content found will be removed and the user will receive an informal caution, if they add any more they will be banned, the same rules apply for PTC (Paid to Click) links such as Adf.ly/Adfoc.us/Linkbucks etc.
Also any competitive sites will be banned and the user suspended.
11) Little Tip: Add your referral url to a Manual Surf exchange.
Manual Surf exchanges are where you view a page and in return people view your page. Because it has to be done manually, people have to see the page you are promoting and increases the change of people signing up. Only downside is Surfing can take time, sometimes up to 30 seconds per page depending on the exchanges rules. Here are some of the top manual surf exchanges easyhits4u, traffic-splash. For more simply Google "manual surf"
12) Little Tip: Add your referral url to sites like ours
Yes there are a lot of sites like ours but we try to bring you the best service possible. If you add your referral url on these sites in the surf sections you can sway people to use our site when they see the improved benefits. Some examples are YouLikeHits, IsraSocial, SocialMediaExplode, Ex4.me, SocialSwapperEU, Addmefast.
13) Little Tip: Add your referral url to blogs and forums
People read blogs and forums regularly and its easy to find people who are looking for the same things as you. For example: If I wanted to find people looking for Soundcloud Followers, I'd Google "soundcloud forum" or "music forum" and tell people about us via your referral url. For Facebook likes I'd Google "Facebook Likes" etc
14) Little Tip: Add your referral url to Auto Surf Sites
Auto Surf sites, although they can be fully automated, can still bring referrals due to the sheer amount of traffic they bring. You add your referral url and hit surf now and it just automatically goes from one page to the next. You cant guarantee people will see your page but there is a change that 1 in 50 people might. Leaving this running on your PC over night etc can possibly bring you a few referrals over night. Some examples are: 10khits (Recommended), autosurfpro, autohits, smileytraffic. For more simply Google "auto surf"
15) Little Tip: Add your referral url to Social Networking Sites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc
Writing a little passage about our site and adding your referral url is a good way to bring friends and colleagues to our site via your referral url. There is also buttons added for you on your referral page already to do the job
16) Little Tip: Add your referral url to your site with a description or article
You know how much traffic your site brings and if you think you can get referrals this can be a very good promotion method
17) Little Tip: Add our banner link to your sites, blogs and forums
Banner links do not bring much in the way of referrals as people are sometimes banner blind these days. The only benefit is you can add them almost everywhere and the more they get seen the more change of people clicking them
18) Do you provide refunds?
We do NOT provide refuds for any purchases you make through RoboVisits or externally through contacting the Admin.
We apologise for this but we can not provide a refund for followers, fans or likes!
We will provide all details you will need in order for this purchase to work.
We will attempt to help out in any way we can.
19) Can I buy bulk followers/likes/views/subscribers/traffic.
Yes we do sell bulk amounts of all of the above on most social networking sites!
If you are interested in any of the above, then please email the Admin using the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of this page!
Or check out our sister site: http://csp.pw
20) Still confused?
Please feel free to contact the RoboVisits Staff using the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of this page, we are always willing to answer any queries that you may have regarding this website or not.
Even if it's unrelated, please feel free to email!